About us

Doing business with Global Flexibles means working with a motivated team. We enjoy thinking about your business and like to unburden you. Naturally, with high-quality packaging solutions and service. Within a partnership, we are honest and businesslike, we keep our promises and we don’t like surprises. Unless it is a very special one…


As an involved supplier, we ‘sit’ directly on the production and follow and check every detail. If there are new developments in foil, we share them with you, especially if they can improve your packaging. This is how we stay innovative and distinctive. It is great to see that we work for a loyal group of customers. We appreciate the commitment to our company and our team. The personal interest on both sides makes doing business together a pleasure.


Our team also includes our partners in Lithuania, Portugal and Italy. Our permanent, stable base on whom we and you can always rely. Their expertise is reflected in the certifications.


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