Bio- or compostable films

Lidding films
GFB-P is available as weld seal lidding film to PLA trays or PLA base web.

Flow-pack film
As both GFB-P and GFP-C are available as flow-pack film, these films offer packaging solutions for a.o.: 
✓ Sandwiches
✓ Produce
✓ Salads
✓ Fruit

Strip laminates
Both GFB-P as GFB-C are availabe as strip laminate. Combined with paper, we offer biofilms with continuous windows for packing bread and produce.
GFB-P properties  
✓ Crystal clear
✓ Strong film
✓ Anti-fog
✓ High gloss
✓ Weld seal lidding film to PLA base web and trays
✓ Availabe from 25 my

Properties GFB-C 
✓ Crystal clear
✓ Strong film
✓ Anti-fog
✓ High gloss
✓ Compostable
✓ High barrier optional
✓ Available from 25 my