Thermoforming films

Flexible or rigid films: Global Flexibles offers a solution for use on any thermoformer

For Vacuum, MAP and microwavable packaging we make the right structure, depending on your needs.
To complete the pack, we supply lidding films suitable for the application.

Flexible Films properties - PA/PE 
✓ Crystal clear coex-films with high gloss
✓ Very good puncture resistance
✓ Thickness from 65 my
✓ Suitable for vacuum and MAP
✓ EVOH as barrier possible
✓ Also available as sous-vide film
✓ Printed up to 10 colours flexo (surface printed)
✓ Available in various colours

Rigid Films properties - APET/PE  
✓ Crystal clear coex-films with high gloss
✓ Available with EVOH barrier
✓ Peelable and non-peel   
Our latest PP thermoforming film can be used for producing microwavable packs. This film can easily be thermoformed to a stable tray. 

Delimeat, ready-to-go meals, salads, pancakes, etc. can be packed as a convenient consumer-friendly pack. Moreover Microbaseweb is competive compared to average trays, which need to be sealed on traysealers.

This film is available with EVOH for MAP.