Flowpack and transwrap film

Applicable on any packaging machine

Global Flexibles offers a wide range of films for use on any flowpack machine.
Based on the application we determine the right structure of film, keeping your specific requirements in mind. 

Properties and possibilities
✓   Thickness from 20 my
✓   Crystal clear and high gloss
✓   Available with high barrier and anti-mist
✓   Printing up to 10 colours flexo or rotogravure
✓   Matte finish in register for more attention on shop shelves
✓   Various base materials, such as OPP, OPA en PET
✓   Triple-laminates for the packaging of coffee
✓   Anti-static for the packing of powders
✓   Special sealing layers for fast processing on your machines
✓   Available with strip-laminated paper   

New: Blue transparent BOPP (anti-fog)
In view of HACCP, Global Flexibles now offers a single-layer blue coloured BOPP. Because the film is transparent the packaged product is perfectly visible. Due to this colour any film residues are easily identified after opening the package.
This film is available with perforations in any pattern: micro, macro and laser perforation.