Crystal clear presentation of your product

With the new generation of skin film Lietpak proves to go for nothing less than superior quality.

To be used with
✓ Fresh meat
✓ Poultry
✓ Fish and seafood
✓ Cheese
✓ Non-food

Excellent protection
✓ Strong, hermetic seals prevent contamination
✓ Excellent resistance to penetration
✓ Perfect adhesion prevents migration of meat juices
✓ Extended expiration date of the packaged product
✓ Preservation of colour and taste

✓ "Second skin" effect
✓ Crystal clear film
✓ Optional opening: non-peel or easy peel
✓ It's possible to present your product vertically

✓ Various standard thicknesses
✓ Top and bottom film available as a package
✓ Top film available for use on:
     - Apet / PE film
     - Mono Apet film
     - PP film